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The Sjölander family from Nordanstig 
in Sweden
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In the 50th and 60th we usually had visitors from the great western continent. Some of the visitors were first or second generation Americans. One visit I specially remember is that of my second cousin Beverly. Beverly was about 20 years old and a very nice person.  Furthermore she stayed a couple of weeks so we learned to know her. Usually most visits were only a few days. Beverly's grandmother was a sister of my grandfather. 

Carolina (Lena) Sjölander's first family:
Carolina Sjölander * Dec. 12 1871, + 1949. Born in Gnarp. she emigrerated to Canada about 1895.  Husband: Otto Johnson * 1875 in Backe, Ångermanland, + 1942. They married in Calgary, Alberta (Canada). 
Children: Elsie K Johnson * June 23 1899, + ?. Waldemer Johnson * May 6 1903, + November 1975. The children was born in Red Deer, Canada.  
Carolina andh Otto divorced 1904. Carolina moved after that to her uncle Lars O Sjölander in Clear Lake, Minnesota but soon she moved on to the west coast of USA. There she met Axel NelsonWaldemer had a son who is (was) married and had three children. 

Carolina (Lena) Sjölander's second family:
Axel Nelson ? from Småland, southern Sweden. Children: Leve Nelson * October 24 1905, + 1969, married but no children. Estelle Nelson * August 13 1907. Estelle married John Lowe but had no children.
Carolina died in Willamina, Oregon where she was buried. 

Elsie K Johnsons familj: 
Elsie K Johnson * June 23 1899, + ?, Husband: Walter Harris * May 28 1895, + 14 maj 1980. Walter (or his ancestors) came from England. Child: Beverly Jean Harris (Kebarle) * May 26 1929. Elsie left home and went to work at the age of 15.  She worked in a music store when she met Walter.

Beverly Jean Harris-Kebarles familj: 
Beverly Jean Harris (Kebarle) * May 26 1929. Husband: Paul Kebarle, * September 21 1926 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Children: Katherine Ann Kebarle * July 20 1958 in Ottawa, Canada, Karen Jeannette Kebarle * July 17 19?? in Edmonton, Canada, Paula Jane Kebarle * May 13 1966 in Edmonton.

Upmost: Beverly visiting Bergsjö in the beginning of the 50th. She (in the middle) is surrounded by Annalisa, Rut, Pelle and Olle Sjölander (behind) and Inga and Erland Sjölander in the front.
Middle: Elsie and Valter Harris in Bergsjö. From the left: Annalisa, Lars and Erland Sjölander, Elsie and Valter Harris. Erland and Elsie were cousins.
Below: Two of Beverly and Paul Kebarles girls. 



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