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The Sjolander family from Nordanstig
in Sweden
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Here comes the first known emigration in the family. Olof (Olaf) Pehrsson moves 1838 from Grängsjö to Hudiksvall where he marries Margreta Jonsdotter. They had three children. The two oldest, Jonas Petter (John Peter) and Erik Olaf, moves to the great country in west. On his 20th birthday Jonas Petter reached  Galveston with his brother ....




Olof (Olaf) Persson-Sjölander's family:
Olof (Olaf) Persson-Sjölander
* 1817, + 1856. Born at Grängsjö, Gnarp. He moved to Hudiksvall  1838.. Wife: Margreta   Jonsdotter * October 17 1823 in Jättendal, Hälsingland, + 1883 in Texas where she lived by his son Eric. Married 1849 to Olaf.
Children: Jonas Petter Sjolander * March 25 1851, + June 15 1939. He arrived 1871 to Galveston, Texas. He was usually called John Peter in USA.   Eric Olaf Sjolander younger brother who followed  Jonas Petter to USA. Dates unknown. Nicolas August Sjölander * 1856, dead before three year age. 

Jonas Petter (John Petter) Sjölander's family:
Jonas Petter (John Petter) Sjölander * March 25 1851, + June 15 1939. Born in Hudiksvall?. . Wife: Caroline Johanna född Busch, from Germany. Married 1878. 
Children: Eric Sjolander 
John C Sjolander, (family below)
Paul Sjolander,
Frank Sjolander,
Sam Sjolander
Annie Sjolander, married Scott

John C Sjolander's family:
John C Sjolander, wife: Ellen (Johnsson) Dalquist. Ellens parents were born in Sweden.  
Children: Ida (Sjolander) Stainer,
Ellen (Sjolander) Gardner,
Annie Mae (Sjolander) Gardner,
Myrtle (Sjolander) Oates,
Ernest Sjolander,
Calvin Sjolander,
Raymond Sjolander (family below).

Raymond Sjolander's family
Raymond Sjolander, wife Dorothy Mae Smith, married 1942.
Children: Douglas Ray Sjolander,
? Sjölander, dead,
Dina Jo (Sjolander) Colburn,
Jerry Glynn Sjolander,
Judith Lynn (Sjolander) Zavisch,
Martha Kay (Sjolander) Dietrick.

Information on this page from is given from Dina Sjolander-Colburn

Sjerrie och Dina Colburn

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